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Dual Monitor Calibration (on the Cheap) with Spyder2Express The manufacturer says you can't do it...but I say you can. Click the link to the tutorial to out how, then get a $60 Spyder calibration unit to calibrate both your dual monitors. It isn't too expensive to calibrate 2 monitors any more!



Color Correction with Levels — One of my favorite methods for image correction that I put in every book and class. Most people don't do this right at all, and done right it is the single most powerful correction you will make in Photoshop or Elements.

Using Extract — Many are looking for a magic tool to extract objects from backgrounds and isolate objects. While I have reservations about any magic tools (see my blogs), the Extract tool used correctly may get you what you need in short order.

Web Transparency — Need a reansparent image for the web and you aren't sure how to do it? Check out this tutorial to find out how.

Making Symmetrical Shapes — You shouldn't trust a steady hand to make perfectly symmetrical shapes for your graphics. Check out this tutorial to get them done right.


The First, Best, and Only Book Dedicated to Non-destructive Photo Editing with Photoshop Layers

The Adobe Photoshop Layers Book

"The Adobe Photoshop Layers Book is the best 'how to' book I've ever come across!"
-- Ralph Holmberg [Reader]

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