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Layers for Elements, Too!

While this book was originally written for Photoshop users, almost all of the features and techniques can be used by those who work in Elements. Some features may be missing on the surface but work-arounds exist for accessing hidden features and making more of what you do in Elements. My sister site is full of information for Elements users and has places to download tools that can help Elements users get the most from my layers book and from Elements.


Questions About Layers and Elements?

If you're an Elements user and you've either bought the book or just have questions about what is possible with Elements, I'd be glad to answer your questions. Be aware that those questions I answer will be used in other resources such as my blog or on this page — though I won't use your name without your permission. Send your questions to: I'll try to get to every one of them as time permits.


The First, Best, and Only Book Dedicated to Non-destructive Photo Editing with Photoshop Layers

The Adobe Photoshop Layers Book

"The Adobe Photoshop Layers Book is the best 'how to' book I've ever come across!"
-- Ralph Holmberg [Reader]

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