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Online Photoshop Courses, with Richard Lynch

One of the most fantastic things to come out of the web is the ability to have immediate access to information on the internet. This ability has grown to include access to live resources such as authors and instructors. With the aid of communications online, you can take courses in Photoshop from Richard Lynch, one of the top pros in the industry. These courses aren't just static documents that you download and read like a book, but interactive lessons where you read, do exercises, submit your work, and communicate directly with your instructor to ask all the questions you've ever wanted directly from the source.

Richard is currently working with and to bring users new courses in Photoshop, image editing, and digital photography techniques. See the currently available courses below.


Correct and Enhance Your Images

An intermediate level course that helps users become more familiar with techniques for enhancing their images on a dat-to-day basis. Explores key concepts for evaluating your images, works through color and tone correction, shows you how to repair and alter images, and explores image enhancements like sharpening, soft focus effects and framing. Learn more about Richard's Correct and Enhance Your Images course.

Looking Good in Print and on the Web

An intermediate level course for users who want to get more from their images in print. This course covers monitor calibration, creating ICC profiles, setting up color management, making corrections for print, and outlines a process for checking your color management results and choosing a printing service. Learn more about Richard's Looking Good in Print course


The First, Best, and Only Book Dedicated to Non-destructive Photo Editing with Photoshop Layers

The Adobe Photoshop Layers Book

"The Adobe Photoshop Layers Book is the best 'how to' book I've ever come across!"
-- Ralph Holmberg [Reader]

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