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Contact Richard

Richard Lynch, the author of The Adobe Photoshop Layers Book, can be contacted directly via his email address:

Please do contact him with any and all questions, including pre-purchase questions, questions about techniques covered in books and tutorials, Questions about Photoshop and Elements, questions about his classes, queries about appearances and tutelage, or even to gab about digital cameras, digital imaging and photography. He tries to answer all his email. Please be sure to use the following Subject so your message does not get filtered as spam: Photoshop Query


Other Contact Information

Richard can be reached through a variety of means. Though email is often best, he can also be contacted through his Hidden Power forum on RetouchPro or his Yahoo! Group. Students and visitors can contact him through his messaging system on These systems will require membership in the respective group, forum or website.

Please use an email query to get additional contact information that is not web-based. In the email, please clearly state the reason for requesting the additional contact information.


The First, Best, and Only Book Dedicated to Non-destructive Photo Editing with Photoshop Layers

The Adobe Photoshop Layers Book

"The Adobe Photoshop Layers Book is the best 'how to' book I've ever come across!"
-- Ralph Holmberg [Reader]

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