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Dual Monitor Calibration (on the Cheap) with Spyder Express

The manufacturers of the ColorVision Spyder claim that the Spyder Express will not calibrate two monitors. It won't if you follow their instructions. The Express is a great product, and creates a profile for hundreds less than ColorVision's other products. If you have two monitors and have a Spyder Express, or just don't bother calibrating as hardware for your setup is too expensive, you don't have those limitations anymore. As long as you know how to calibrate one monitor, you can calibrate your dual monitor setup without having to pay for more expensive versions of the product.

  1. Calibrate your primary monitor normally. Spyder will choose one monitor (your primary) where the calibration screen will appear.
  2. Find the profile you have created and name it according to the monitor you calibrated (e.g., primary monitor_date). The profile will be located in C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\drivers\color.
  3. Shut down and unplug the monitor you just calibrated.
  4. Restart and calibrate the monitor that is attached, and name the profile appropriately (e.g., secondary monitor).
  5. Shut down and re-attach the primary monitor.
  6. Restart and go to the Displays control panel.
  7. Click the primary monitor and then the Settings tab, then the Advanced button, the color management tab and then be sure the profile you want is selected. (you may need to Add it with the Add button.) Click Apply and OK.
  8. Click the secondary monitor and then the Advanced button, then the Color Management tab and select the profile created for this monitor. You may need to add it. Click Apply and OK.

The product will attempt to always over-write the one profile that it makes because it only uses one name during calibration. Simply changing the name keeps the profile, and allows you to assign it manually. So long as you rename the file before and between calibrations, you will have the profiles you need to apply to separate monitors.


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