The Basic Steps

These are the basic steps for completing Levels correction. Use the following set of steps to apply basic color correction to your images. These steps apply to any photographic image.

1. Open your image.

2. Convert to RGB if it is not already in that color mode.

3. Open the Levels function (Cmd-L)[CTRL+L].

4. Switch to the Red channel by using either the popup menu or key commands (Cmd-1)[CTRL+1].

5. Using the sliders, crop the histogram to redistribute image information (crop histogram tails).

6. Repeat step 5 for the Green (Cmd-2)[CTRL+2] and Blue (Cmd-3)[CTRL+3] channels.

7. Return to the composite RGB Levels, and observe the effect of the changes by looking at the image and make midtone adjustments accordingly.

8. Close the Levels by clicking the [ok] button.

Accepting the changes will redistribute RGB color information. The result will increase contrast and will tend to balance image color.

  Copyright © Richard Lynch 2001