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Get What You Want From Photoshop

You invested in Photoshop, the premiere image editing software, because you want the best photographic results. You want flawless images, streamlined process, and corrections that make sense. The single key to unlocking your creativity, while gaining ultimate control over your images and releasing the total power of Photoshop, is by mastering layers.

You Can Master Photoshop, and Layers

Mastering Photoshop through layers means knowing what layers are, what they do, what they help you do, and how they fit into and help manage your workflow in Photoshop. Looking into layers is like peeling an onion, there is always another, deeper aspect to discover, explore and understand. It may take time, but you can master layers. When you do, your images will improve dramatically, as will your speed and confidence with the corrections you make in Photoshop.


How This Site Can Help...

This site is an add-on for readers of The Adobe Photoshop Layers Book (by Richard Lynch), and those interested in learning more about Photoshop layers. Resources you will find here include:


Reading The Adobe Photoshop Layers Book?

Go to the area of the site for those reading the 2012 version of The Adobe Photoshop Layers Book


The First, Best, and Only Book Dedicated to Non-destructive Photo Editing with Photoshop Layers

The Adobe Photoshop Layers Book

"The Adobe Photoshop Layers Book is the best 'how to' book I've ever come across!"
-- Ralph Holmberg [Reader]

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